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Dan Brown founded Asheville Technology Services in September, 2010 with the vision that every business deserves quality computer systems and technology support that includes experience, knowledge, a reliable and professional manner, and a friendly face and positive attitude.


Prior to founding ATS, Dan worked as a systems administrator for an Asheville computer support services company from 2003 through 2010. He worked with many  small businesses and non-profit organizations administering servers, networks, computers, cell phones and mobile devices, and provided training, repair and consultation. Dan is most often described as energetic, enthusiastic, friendly, honest and reliable. He is a good listener who is always ready to help and teach, and he enjoys learning more about the complex world of technology every day.

Dan has a natural knack for and appreciation of computers and technology. He became interested early with his first Apple computer as a young child, developed his interest and skills by attending computer camp at Oglethorpe University in middle school, and has spent a lifetime as friends’ and family’s computer guru. Dan received a BA from Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC, and was an active member in the student body as an elected Student Government representative, Student Volunteer Services leader, and computer lab worker.

Asheville is Dan’s home town. He grew up in Fairview and Montreat and graduated from Owen High School in Black Mountain where he was awarded senior superlative of “Most Dependable” male senior and Civitan’s Citizen of the Year. Dan graduated from Presbyterian College in ‘99, and his first job was as youth director for a church.

Dan and his wife Emily were married in 2010, and have a daughter they cherish. Dan enjoys hiking and camping with his family… and staying caught up on the latest technology news updates!


Paul Harmon: A Journey Through Tech and Art

Born in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Paul Harmon’s life has been a colorful tapestry of experiences across various states. His journey began with a few years in sunny Florida, followed by formative years in the picturesque landscapes of Colorado. College led him to Iowa, where he attended Drake University, and then back to Colorado for a significant chunk of his life. Eventually, fate guided him to Florida once more before settling in the artistic haven of Asheville, North Carolina.

Tech Enthusiast and Network Wizard: Paul’s affinity for technology ignited early on. In high school, he clinched first place in a computer construction competition during a tech expo. This achievement set the stage for his lifelong passion for all things tech. From running networks for colleges to supporting small businesses, Paul’s expertise in networking and systems administration has been instrumental in connecting people and organizations.

Weathering the Storm: In 2022, Hurricane Ian unleashed its fury, bringing a 12-foot storm surge that devastated Paul and his wife Carrie’s home on Sanibel Island. This natural disaster prompted them to seek a fresh start, and their quest led them to Asheville. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville offered a vibrant and diverse cultural adventure.

Exploring the Art Scene: Paul’s curiosity extends beyond technology. He immerses himself in Asheville’s thriving art scene, attending weekly figure drawing salons downtown. The interplay of creativity, expression, and human form captivates him. Whether it’s the brushstrokes of a painter or the lines of a sculptor, Paul finds inspiration in the artistic tapestry woven throughout the city.

A Multifaceted Skillset: As Paul settles into his new home, he eagerly anticipates contributing to ATS’s clients. His diverse skillset—forged through years of tech expertise, resilience in the face of adversity, and a passion for art—positions him as a valuable asset. Paul Harmon, the tech-savvy artist, is ready to weave his magic in the heart of Asheville.

We serve our clients with


Asheville Technology Services brings over twenty years of professional experience and a lifetime of computer and technical knowledge to our clients. We understand the importance of managing the complexities of technology in your business, and we are eager to serve you.

ATS prides itself on an unmatched enthusiasm for computers and technology  accompanied by experience in practical application and systems integration. We believe communication, education, and efficiency are key ingredients in every situation. Whether you need a new server installation, software training, or even help with a simple paper-jam, Asheville Technology Services is proud to put our expertise to use for your business with the ultimate goal of security, productivity and prosperity for you.


No service contracts required. Our managed IT support is able and ready to do as much or as little as your business requires. We understand that every business is different and will have different technical needs. We are willing to work with your staff to help teach and explain, ready to be on site to your aid within minutes.


We believe communication, education, and efficiency are key to our business and often lacking in computer support. This is what sets us apart from the competition. We send technicians to your place of business to really get to know your needs. Remote Support is available but when we are done, we want to see that you are able to get back to work. If you have an issue, you can give us a call and KNOW that is being handled. You won’t have to worry if your request has gotten lost in a ticketing system.


Our service area isn’t spread across multiple states or even counties. Our office is located in downtown Asheville and we are able to respond within a few hours or minutes of most needs. ATS is a different type of outsourced IT that will give you the security of knowing your systems are in capable responsive hands.

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